The Glass Dagger

The Glass Dagger: The Dockward Irregulars Episode 4 - “Night at the Community Center”

February 18, 2020
Welcome back, my dear listeners to the Dock Ward Irregulars! Previously our Crafty Quartet of Quick-thinking comrades made their way into the North Ward night, escaping the grounds of Magister Sadi’s estate and crossing back into Dock Ward, their charge Rulitherix that much closer to the safety of the ocean depths! But will their luck continue? Can they find a place to hideout and plot their next move? Find out! Episode 4 - Night at the Community Center, starts now!
The Crew

Jeff Romo as the GM
Kristine Chester as Fidget Hobbyhop the Halfling Artificer
Kyle Grim as Cloud in the Sky the Tabaxi Bard
Nicole Hanyon as Lamarr the Goliath Paladin

And introducing Jeff Marchette as Raes Weylin the Half-Elf Druid

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