The Glass Dagger

The Glass Dagger: The Dockward Irregulars Episode 3 - “It Behooves Us to Run”

February 3, 2020
Welcome back to the Dock Ward Irregulars! Last episode Raes, Sky, Fidget and Lamarr successfully sprang the Siren Rulitherix from unjust captivity. Aided by their new purple buffalo Millie...wait…I'm being handed a correction that Millie is in fact a benevolent bovine borne of the benighted bastions of the underdark! Good luck feeding her, my trusty adventurers! But will they be able to make good their escape from Magister Sabbou Sadi's estate? Will Rulitherix be returned safely to the ocean depths? Find out! Episode 3 - It Behooves Us To Run, starts now!
The Crew

Jeff Romo as the GM
Kristine Chester as Fidget Hobbyhop the Halfling Artificer
Kyle Grim as Cloud in the Sky the Tabaxi Bard
Nicole Hanyon as Lamarr the Goliath Paladin

And introducing Jeff Marchette as Raes Weylin the Half-Elf Druid

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