The Glass Dagger

The Glass Dagger Season 2, Episode 1 - “You Say Goodbye, I Say Portal”

April 7, 2020
We rejoin Kinden, Bjorn, and Raina several months after their harrowing experience beneath Dock Ward. Time and season have moved on, but the reverberations of their victory can still be felt. For good or for ill. Now, Linkah Merrywater has a new job lined up, and a new member to add to the crew. Will they find a common ground in time for what's coming?
The Crew

Jeff Romo as the GM
Kristine Chester as Raina Hastings the Human Wizard
Kyle Grim as Bjorn the Human Monk
Nicole Hanyon as Kinden Janaleth the Triton Barbarian
Jeff Marchette as Raes Weylin the Half-Elf Druid/Warlock

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